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Our Team

The most important contribution to a child's development is our team. At Crossing Borders we have a fantastic team with remarkable personalities and an ambition to develop continuously. Our teachers aspire to be an asset to children by assisting them in their development and thus supporting parents, too. By providing children with the right environment within a safe Pedagogic setting, they can develop to their full potential.

We believe that guiding children in their development begins with ourselves. That is why we think it is important to dedicate a lot of time and attention to the development of our employees. Because in order to continue having a positive effect on your child’s development, we need to ensure we have strong self-knowledge and continue to develop ourselves. In the next years, we will increase our training programs significantly on diverse areas like pedagogical methodology, personal development, professional communication and much more!


Operations Manager

Eva Hufener

The originally dutch social pedagogue has many years of experience in working with children and brings along a lot of management expertise to the team. She is therefore highly qualified to fulfill the job as our Operations Manager.  

Eva is full of energy and drive and her practical approach is highly appreciated. We are happy to have you on the management team!

Day Care Manager Manegg

Marie Johansson

Marie carries over 11 years of childcare experience and is very passionate about her work.

She is responsible for managing the Manegg locations. With her high-spirited and enthusiastic personality, Marie provides an environment for children to realize their potential and believe in themselves.
We are so proud that Marie is part of the Crossing Borders family!

Day Care Manager Adliswil

Elena Mai

As a state-certified educator, nature pedagogue and health care manager, Elena brings several years of professional experience with children from 0 to 18 years from the nurseries, kindergarten and school system.

She is responsible for the administrative, operational areas and above all she cares about the well-being of the children, parents and staff.

We are happy to have Elena as part of the Crossing Borders family.

Day Care Manager Winterthur

Zorica Petrova

Zorica brings a lot of experience in the field of childcare and is the ideal advocate for the location in Winterthur.

For her it is important to support and encourage each child in his or her own strengths and interests in order to preserve his or her individuality.

We are very happy to have Zorica at Crossing Borders!

Group Leader

Réka Preite

Our German-speaking Group Leader, Réka, is responsible to lovingly lead and patiently encourage the group. In addition to her educational talent, Réka is the heart and soul of the group for the older children.

With her further qualifications as a vocational trainer, Réka has excellent qualifications and has many years' experience working in childcare.

Welcome, Réka!

Group Leader

Osmar de Jesus (Junior)

Junior has many years’ experience in working with babies and newborns. Our loving Group Leader knows first-hand what it means to show the little ones the world in a warm and compassionate manner. He is also a vocational trainer and complements our day care center with a remarkable energy!

With enthusiasm and a big heart, Junior knows what it means to work hard and to encourage children.

We are so happy to have Junior with us!

Group Leader

Mimi Barboso

Mimi is our German speaking group leader. She has many years of experience in daycare and childcare and is highly qualified to take over the responsibility of the group leader.  

She oversees the daily routines of the children and ensures that everything runs smoothly within the group. Due to her empathetic and loving approach with the children, Mimi is a valuable member of our day care center. 

We are happy to have you in our team!

Group Leader

Eriona Sadriji

Eriona is a German-speaking (Swiss-German) group leader responsible for the group organizational tasks. Through her training as an educator inchildcare, she has a lot of inspiration and creativity in working with the children. Eriona is a lively and cheerful personality who carries a good mood with her in the early morning.  

We are happy Eriona is a part of our team in Adliswil.

Group Leader

Rafaela Martins

Rafaela is our English speaking group leader. The motivated child educator has several years of experience in bilingual education and is a great asset to our team. 

With a lot of commitment and empathy, Rafaela accompanies and guides the children in a playful way. 

We are very happy to have you in our team!


Eleni Kaloutsa

The English speaking teacher Eleni is a wonderful addition to our team. The former kindergarten teacher has specialized in child education and brings along excellent qualifications. 

Eleni puts her heart and soul into caring for the children and encourages them to discover new things in a playful way.

 You are a great asset for us!



Viktoria Toth

The German and English speaking educator has completed her FaBe training in Switzerland and is a wonderful addition to our daycare team.  

Viktoria is cheerful, motivated, energetic and brings a lot of joy and laughter to the group. 

Great to have you in our team!


Nimca Ahmed Muhumed

Nimca is an outgoing and cheerful employee. She shows a lot of empathy and patience towards the children.

For Nimca it is of great importance to develop the children according to their age and to be able to build a positive relationship with understanding and appreciation. 

We are very happy to have Nimca in our team!


Céline Müller 

We are so happy to have our teacher, Céline, as part of the Crossing Borders family! The young Swiss girl brings a lot of fantastic ideas and projects that she has already been able to implement during the course of her career.

With her lively manner and enthusiasm she will be a great enrichment to us and the children!

Welcome, Céline, we are so happy to have you here!


Alessia Mastrati

Alessia is our teacher! She is a very caring, patient and motivated teacher-to-be and has already had her first experiences in this area.

We believe that Alessia will be a very big enrichment for us!

A warm welcome to Alessia!



Erdem Ahishali

Erdem is our new teacher in Greencity. He has already gained some experience in childcare and wants to develop himself further at Crossing Borders.  

With his helpful and thoughtful nature, he assists in daily tasks as well as in planning creative activities for the children.  

We are happy to have you in our team!


Kim Brunner

Kim is our new trainee in Greencity. The young woman has a big heart for children and is very motivated to learn more about child care.

 She assists in the daily routine of the children and helps organize fun games. 

 Great to have you with us!


Gina Perez Florez

Gina supports our team as a German speaking teacher. She pursued an education in child care and has extensive experience in daycare with children up to 4 years old. With her calm and open personality, Gina brings an incredibly good atmosphere for the child in everyday life.

We are happy that Gina is part of the new team in Adliswil. 


Marcella Janse

Marcella has several years of experience working with toddlers in Dutch daycare centers. She is very motivated to get her recognition in Switzerland and to continue working in the field of childcare. She is bright, creative and is a great addition to our Greencity team.  

We are very happy that you are with us!

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