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Our philosophy - We are what we believe in

We believe in a better world. Our mission, our WHY is to build new generations every day to contribute to that. We are proud to wake up every day to fulfill this wonderful and responsible job. The first years of a child’s life are crucial in determining what kind of person he or she will become – what role he or she will play in their own lives, the lives of loved ones and the world in which we live. Children are born with huge qualities. Our task is to discover these, and help them to cross their borders to develop them further, in a way they can be themselves. At Crossing Borders we especially focus on child development, not only child care. We have a long and rich history of knowledge and experience to use in all the elements which bring quality in this development. 

The fundament on which development takes place

Development of young children can only take place if the emotional security is safe and strong. The policy and processes around settling in, communication, supporting autonomy as well as familiar faces in the group should be very reliable for a child. By always being honest, sincere and communicating with children at eye level, we ensure that they feel emotionally safe. By identifying their behaviour, needs and emotions, we ensure that children feel seen and heard. We show that we are available to every child by responding to sounds, requests or initiatives for contact. We make sure that children feel at ease, as this is the first step to next stages of development. 

Our people are our greatest strength. With their knowledge, experience and love, they are the people to take care of your child, stimulate your child’s development and provide a home away from home. Every day! That is the difference between a normal childcare centre and Crossing Borders. From our teachers and Group Team Leaders to the Location Management: all our people are passionate, positive professionals.

Crossing Borders - what do we offer?

Crossing Borders is a bilingual day care in Zürich for children from 4 months to Kindergarten and Pre-School age. We specialize in childcare services in English and German and offer professional services to ensure that your children are in the best hands. 

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