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Monthly fees Manegg (Greencity)

The monthly fees are calculated as follows:

Number of days Child younger than 19 months Child older than 19 months
2 CHF 1.240,00 CHF 1.160,00  
3 CHF 1.860,00   CHF 1.740,00
4 CHF 2.480,00  CHF 2.320,00
5 CHF 3.100,00   CHF 2.900,00
  • We also offer subsidized places.
  • Due to children up to and including 19 months taking up 1.5 places according to the pertinent regulations, their fees will be calculated higher than the toddler rate.
  • A minimum of two days applies.
  • Crossing Borders does not offer half days.
  • The fees can be adjusted periodically.

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