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Groups and Rooms

In order to show appreciation for our Swiss origins and the roots that we have within Swiss culture and this country, we have named the different groups in our nursery and childcare center after important symbols of this country.

We will support you every step of the way and assist you in the following:

  • Transition into day care
  • Development of identity and personality
  • Social skills and processes
  • Competence and learning

The Rigis - Baby Group

Our baby group, the Rigis, named after the mountain located in the famous lake in Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee) symbolizes our ambition towards what is special, the challenges and also pride. There is so much to discover and learn and they climb every day to the top!

Our baby group is all about exploring the senses, developing social and motor skills and learning about yourself and others. This group in our nursery is open for babies from 4 months up until one and a half or two years of age, depending on the child and their parents’ wishes.

The Limmats - Preschool / Pre-Kindergarten Group

Just as spirited and irreplaceable as its inspiration for the name, our Limmats, named after the river that permeates Zurich, are our pre-kindergarten group. They sometimes act quiet and calm and sometimes wild and lively (just like the fluctuation of the tide).

The Pre-K group in our day care center is for children from one and a half or two years of age up until pre-Kindergarten. Children are encourage to explore, investigate, experiment and find out about the world in a safe environment. Our educators will plan activities, excursions and special events throughout the year.

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