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Crossing Borders Day Care Location

We are located at Maneggplatz 44, 8041 Zürich.

As part of the new Greencity Complex, our day care center is easily accessible from Zürich and surrounding areas.

You can find us here on Googlemaps.

Important: Googlemaps has trouble showing the correct address, please input Maneggplatz without the number

(Picture by: Raumgleiter AG)

Getting there

By car:

IMPORTANT: If travelling with GPS: please input the address across the street (Allmendstrasse 127, 8041 Zürich) .

Many systems don’t yet know the newly built Maneggplatz and may send you to a different location!

By public transport: 

Easy! Just take the S4 to Manegg and you will see Maneggplatz from the train! Trains go every 20 minutes (more often during peak hour).

Otherwise, you can also take Bus 70 (stop is at the beginning of Butzenstrasse). Here are the train and bus schedules.

Follow this page to see our rooms

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