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Educational Concept

The interests and requirements of each child are at the heart of the day care center. It is important to care for the children both lovingly, with compassion and also ensure that they are challenged age-appropriately at their individual development levels.

Every child is different. Licensed day care professionals are trained to look at these differences and teach the children how to incorporate themselves socially to ensure that the group is cohesive and that no child is left out.

All activities adhere to the following learning areas as per the Kindergarten curriculum from Zürich:

  • Tall Tales: Communication, Language and Media
  • Naturally Clever: Nature, Technology and Math
  • You and Me: Identity, Social Skills and Values
  • Musicians and Masters: Perception, Composition and Arts
  • Let’s Move: Body, Movement and Health

We believe that a successful group can only exist if the individual needs are attended to.

child playing in sand

Playtime Pals

 This time is dedicated for children to play freely and explore the different areas, toys and to foster their social skills. Group games will be introduced to integrate participation and group building. The children are also encouraged to continue with games they may have invented themselves freely.

Memory Maps

Once per day, children will be engaged in an organized activity by which they can re-live and add their experiences to their memories. Any works of art, toys created, photographs taken and other mementos will be looked at, explained and filed away in a portfolio/folder to be taken home.

Rhythm and Rituals

It is important that the days at day care carry structure and rituals, that way the children have orientation and the sense of belonging. It makes their coming in lighter as they are aware of their day flow. At Crossing Borders, we believe that structure can be supported and underlined by attaching to it a particular activity. Hence, in the routine songs, music and instruments will be included to indicate the change in routine.

Would you like to find out more about our everyday routine at day care? You can see our timetable here


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