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Services & Fees

  • We also offer subsidized places.
  • Due to children up to and including 19 months taking up 1.5 places according to the pertinent regulations, their fees will be calculated higher than the toddler rate.
  • A minimum of two days applies.
  • Crossing Borders does not offer half days.


The deposit is to ensure that sufficient funds are provided to cover any non-payments or any other payments as follows:

  • Medical services required on the spot (doctors are to be called, medical services are NOT provided by day care personnel as they are not trained in this regard)
  • Non-payment of monthly day care fees

Billing Procedure

IMPORTANT: Upfront payment will be required before providing any service.

  • The monthly fees are to be paid at the beginning of each month through bank transfer or automatic debit.
  •  Parents will be entitled to claim back the deposit within one month after the date that the child leaves the day care. Any accrued interest will not be paid out as part of the deposit.

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