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Day Care Services

We offer childcare services from 07:30 to 19:00 five days a week for children aged between 4 months and pre-Kindergarten.

IMPORTANT: We also offer a holiday program for Kindergarten children who need care during the school holidays. This holiday program fills up quickly and is subject to places being available.


We believe that quality is the most important factor in childcare. Quality can be seen in a variety of ways and also relates to how we treat our teachers and educators.

Below you will find all information about us and our day care center!

  • Our employees are paid above-average rates and participate in the company's profit to ensure that their work is appreciated and they look forward to growth and challenges
  • The meals that we provide for your children are all tailored to each child's needs and we make sure to buy high quality ingredients plus work with people who understand this


  • We only employed licensed and qualified personnel, we only believe in promoting work experience for paid apprentices and trainees because hard work deserves a fair pay to ensure that your children are looked after by qualified and content employees
  • We offer a pick-up service with our Kita Bus (subject to sufficient interest and a small additional fee) to make it easier for you to bring your children to us and help foster the work and family balance. We want to help where relief is needed.

Call us to book a place and enroll your child at our day care center!

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