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The values of Crossing Borders are reflected in our Mission Statement

We recognize that a day care is a business so while we make sure that knowledge of the particular industry is present, but it is also about building a remarkable team that will grow and build each other up in the future.

We seek to achieve this by ensuring the following areas are covered:

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Individual Strengths

We believe that a person will achieve their best by incorporating their own individual strength into their work. While acknowledging that a large proportion of the work needs to be done according to the legal process, Crossing Borders will strive to provide each employee with an opportunity to implement their own individual strengths in their everyday tasks. By fostering individual strengths, we pursue job satisfaction as well as unity in the knowledge that the company is diverse but operates together towards achieving the same goals.


Paramount to ensuring that our employees have the sufficient enthusiasm necessary to fulfil the challenging job of caring for small children, appreciation is the cornerstone of satisfaction and thus, retention. We will strive to appreciate our employees through projects, adequate compensation, events and the opportunity to shine. We will collect feedback and ensure every employee and their work is appreciated.


It is important not only for the company to grow, but also for each employee to grow and develop their careers and personal goals. In order to allow the company to move forward, its employees must first be able to achieve progress in their personal and career development. This will ensure that the company’s advance will be at a pace that can be handled and where its team members can help each other achieve own growth.


In order to present parents with appropriate solutions that will fit their needs, knowledge must be fostered. Through effective training but also knowledge management, we will ensure that all staff members are supported but also encouraged to learn and share this in a professional learning and working environment.

Hard Work

Crossing Borders is made up of professional employees dedicated to providing excellent service. In order to excel, each employee must commit themselves to the principles of discipline, hard-work, professionalism and care. Each employee should be a model of working hard to achieve a common goal that is also appreciated and celebrated as such.


We recognize that although we require committed employees, a satisfied employee needs to have a balance between their work and their personal life. Also, the working environment needs to be in balance to achieve a united community of professionals. Crossing Borders will foster this balance by committing to flexibility, appreciation and compassion.

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